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About Us ?

Created in 1997 FIESTANIM is one of the only companies of shows production who present a full offer, with original, artistic and technical solutions. Over the years our catalog has expanded with many partnerships, theaters, caterers and artists passionned like us by their jobs.

Passion is the keyword of our company, we do not count the hours. Our creations are original and inventive, with marvelous solutions everyday. Together, we will make outstanding technical and artistical accomplishments.

Graduated from the Conservatory of Music, and of the Grad School of Show and Performances, Alexandre SABBAH created FIESTANIM to produce passionate and prestigious shows. Multi-facetted Artist, Pianist-Singer, Entertainer, DJ, Bandmaster, Composer, Actor, he is very resourceful and never lack inspiration to share his passion for music with the public.

FIESTANIM is very sensitive to sustainable development and puts a scpecial care into recycling all used materials (Light bulbs, wood, cardboard, etc …). With the Eco program "zero paper" the digital switchover imposed itself naturally.

Fiestanim has two licences category 2 and 3 of "Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication". All rights reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without permission is prohibited except as allowed under the International copyright laws. All the text, graphics, design, content, and other works are the copyrighted works of FIESTANIM.

Our Abilities



 Working for you since

Our Perfomances

All our teams are doing everything possible to satisfy your every Artistic and Technical needs



Create synergy corporate events, Promote new products, Build customer loyalty business relationships, Stimulate teams



Musical originals compositions, Music rehearsal, Implementation of musicals tours, Scripture of creations and Sheet music



Creations of costumes, Guideline for yours themes, Visuals scénic and choregraphy, Streets shows



Sound of your events, Illumination with quality lights, Video Post and pre production, Specials effects , stages and structures

Some Creations

Our Services

Professional events

Plenary, conference, awards ceremony, team building, participatory workshop, anniversary of the society, open house day, press presentation, product launch, end-of-year party, Christmas party, our experience for the full success of your event.

Family celebrations

Weddings, Birthday, Bar-Mitzvah, Baptism, First communion, Bat-Mitzvah, Pacs, Wedding birthday, Brith-Milah, Henna, we have all the solutions for all your occasions.

Room rentals

A reception room, a wedding hall, a séminary room or a meeting room ? We advise you with a large selection of rooms and  reception places corresponding to your event.

Catering service

A Catering service for your events , a traditionnal catering, a folkloric and spécific catering, a kosher catering or a hallal catering ? Our partnership with several experts caterers of quality will fully meet your expectations for your event.

Musical shows

Pianist singer, duo of musicians, trio of musicians, quartet, or full orchestra, we have the best band right for you. Acoustics musicians or bands with sound system, playing with a personalized repertory for your event.

DJ Disc-Jockey

Disc-jockey, DJ lounge, or DJ live, our DJ will play the better playlist that you will expect for your event. The Disc-jockey will be aware to be  discreet, presenter in the mike or entertainer, at your requests.

Show production

show for the general public, or private show, we will respond to your individual requests with the best artists for the appopriate show. Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Actors, Circus, strolling or on stage, we will create the ideal artistic set for your event.

Themed evenings

Folkloric themed evenings (Bresil, Antilles, Oriental, Asia, Russian, India,…). Temporal trip themed evenings (Thirties cotton club 30, sixties twist & rock 60,  eighties Disco 80, 20th century, or mixure of several themes at your request.

Technical Sound Lights Video

Perfect sound and crispy images, beautiful lighting, for your conferency, plenary, concerts, shows, dance parties. Installation of sceneries adapted at your event, diffusion and video projections on big screens or leds walls.

Fun animations

Real tables of Casino, themed evening "the 5 senses", quizz show with teams and buzzers, Karaoke, arcade games, inflatables entertainements and mécanic simulators, wood games, fairground amusements, digitals games, our entertainers teams will passionate you.

Photo and  Video Production

Broadcost Video, recording, realisation ,editing with effects, Photo booth, pictures or video on "green screen", documentary photo and video for catch the bests moments of your event.

Management "Intermittents spectacle"

Intermittents du spectacle, if you research a producer ? production of artists and technicians "intermittents du spectacles", with management of pay slips, social charges , contributions funds,  insurances, disposal agreement, and all administrative management.

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Few answers to questions you usually ask

The price is based on the duration of work, on the number of guests, of the place of event, and the equipments to provide…
Our pricing is done individually according to your specific needs for bring you the hightest quality of the show you are looking for.

The organizer of the event must declare and pay the SACEM, in cases where the event is public. For that, our artists will provide you their song list played during the event.That your entrance was incharge or free. We will help you for all measures with the SACEM to avoid all misunderstanding.

We work with a network of artists and technicians in all the Europe et some of countries where we have lot of collaborations. In all other cases, our artists are moving to complete the local teams and we optimize the travel in trucks, buses, trains, planes...

With our experience, we guarantee the artistic high-quality , we do all the paperworks for you (employee file, pay sheet, group insurance, social declarations, ...) we work for you on the best technic solutions (adapted materials, timing, ...) and the smooth running of the operations in the smallests details.

At the time of the signature of the contract, you are requested to pay us a déposit from 30% at 50% depending on the investments made before the event (Equipments, consumables, rehearsals, implementations, etc …)

We adapt the musical program depending on your demand to give you a tailor-made event. We pay special attention to take account in differents populars and ethnics musics for customize your event in accordances with your origines and your requests.

We fully reimburse your déposit if your event is canceled for all the cases wich may result from major events such as strikes, fires or natural catastrophes acknowledged. Each contract is adapted to accommodate the specificities of executions conditions.

Yes, we handle the entire process that you need, from the artistic production until the costumer is invoiced, by going through all the administration (employee file, pay sheet, group insurance, social declarations, ...)



We are available for any question, information or idea...


63, Avenue du Maréchal
de Lattre de Tassigny


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